Shingle Colors

Choosing a shingle color for your home is one of the most important things you do in during your roofing project. We will have a list of Memphis shingle colors on this page with some detailed information to help you chose the right shingle and color for your home. The shingle we will focus on here will be the Owens Corning TruDefininition Duration shingle. The Owens Corning Duration line has many options for your Memphis shingle colors. The Duration shingle has what is called a SureNail™ strip embedded in the shingle for the roofing crews to place the nails in. The SureNail™ line is a patented product of Owens Corning and is one of the main reasons we feature this shingle as our lead and best shingle at Kreunen Construction.

The cities of Memphis & Olive Branch are always a threat area for major springtime wind storm damage to your homes roof. The TruDefininition Duration shingle carries a 130 MPH wind warranty and when you use the DuraRidge™or RizeRidge™ for your hip and ridge capping your entire home will have a 130 MPH wind warranty.

Below, we have added pictures of the most popular Memphis area shingle colors that we carry and suggest to our clients. This is by no means not all the colors that Owens Corning carries in the Duration line but this is the most popular and we will have another page with more specialty shingles. We have also added a few pictures of the DuraRidge™ capping as well as the RizeRidge™ to complete your 130 MPH warranty. We will discuss and have images of the total roof protection system on another page as well. However, I have added a couple of pictures of the ice and water barrier and the Owens Corning synthetic felt.

(click on the photos below to enlarge and see color, and the name of shingle)

Baton Rouge shingle colors

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