Roofing Ridge Material

When you chose a shingle for your home our roofing services choosing ridge material is as important as the shingle themselves. There are many options for you when roofing your home. An over looked part of the roofing project is the material used to cap your roof. Capping for a roof is the hip and ridge material. In the Memphis Germantown, Collierville and northern areas of Mississippi, there is always a real threat of wind damage. The spring storm season is always around the corner so always keep high winds in mind when choosing your shingle.

Roofing Services Choosing Ridge Material: Owens Corning Shingles & Capping

Roofing services choosing ridge material is critical and Kreunen Construction is always ready to aid in your project. At Kreunen Construction , we use the most trusted brand of shingles in America, Owens Corning. There are several different types of ridge material. The Owens Corning long ridge is the newest product on the market for your roofs ridge material. If installed properly Owens Coring long ridge has 130 MPH wind warranty and is algea resistant. The Owens Corning DuraRidge is a great hip and ridge material also with a 130 MPH wind warranty. The DuraRidge has a high profile look so it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The rizeridge is another hip and ridge material with a high profile and 130 MPH wind warranty. Deco Ridge is a hip and ridge product by Owens Corning with a very high profile.

Some of the benefits of the high profile hip and ridge products are how much better their appearance is when looking at the roof. All Owens Corning hip and ridge materials with high profile come in many colors to match the roofing shingle you chose. All higher end ridge material comes with the 130 MPH wind warranty as well.

I need to make one note about the warranties on all of these Hip & Ridge products by Owens Corning. The only way to get the full warranty offered by Owens Corning is for these products to be installed properly and by Owens Corning specifications.

Roofing services choosing ridge material

Owens Corning DuraRidge

Roofing Services Choosing Ridge Material

Owens Corning Long Ridge

Roofing Services Choosing Ridge Material

Owens Corning RizeRidge

Roofing Services choosing ridge material

Owens Corning DecoRidge

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