Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?
By: Chuck Magee | February 2021 @ 4:29 pm

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning? This is a major question many Memphis, TN homeowners would like answered before they buy a new metal roof. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, many homeowners are thinking about changing their roofing systems for this efficient and secure alternative. However, homeowners ask themselves this question: Does metal roofs attract lighting? You need a roofing expert to answer this for you so call Kreunen Construction.

This myth is common about metal roofs. This idea is not more than a misunderstanding. Indeed, metal roofs are safer than tiles or wood roofs.

Since metal conducts electricity, many people wrongly think that metal roofs increase the chances of getting lighting strikes.

So, are metal roofs dangerous during lightning? Evidence and science are clear about that. Metal roofs have the same or lower probability of getting a lightning strike than other materials. Even a metal roof is safer in these cases because they are not flammable.

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

Are Metal Roofs Safe in Lightning?

Typically, the raw material of metal roofs is steel, and as we know, it is highly conductive. But, you will not increase the possibility of receiving a lightning strike, if you install a metal roof.

Let’s review experts’ opinions. Regarding this theme, the Metal Construction Association tells the following: “Research shows that the material used in (metal) roof construction does not influence the risk of a lightning strike. The presence of a metal roof really shouldn’t statistically increase or decrease the chances of a lightning strike. Many other factors influence the actual chance of a lightning strike.”

Then, we already know that the probability of lightning striking our homes is not higher by having a metal roof.

But what happens if a bolt of lightning strikes a metal roof?

How is the damage in comparison to a bolt of lightning striking an asphalt shingle roof?

Again, let’s see what the MCA has to say, “As a non-combustible material, a metal roof may even be a more desirable construction option.”

In electrically conductive construction materials, the charge will pass quickly through the material. Thus, it will not grow nor become stronger. It can occur when using more isolative and less conductive materials.

So, by employing metal roofs as construction materials, you’re reducing a lot the risk of your home getting fire.

In this sense, one of the most important factors when choosing a roofing material is security. You must consider the safety that every material offers you. Are you undecided between choosing an asphalt roof and a metal roof? Remind that a metal roof reduces the risks for your property and your loved ones’ lives.

Asphalt shingles are not highly flammable. But, they only can resist slightly fire exposure. Meanwhile, a metal roof is completely non-combustible.

Durability and safety are only two of the metal roofs’ advantages.

Do Metal Roofs Reduce the Chances of a Lightning Strike?

We already know that the probability of a building receiving a lightning strike does not rely on the roofing material. Then, homeowners cannot lessen this possibility by choosing one or another material.

Following, we’ll show you the elements that influence lightning striking a determined place:

  • Home height: Lightning is attracted to tall objects. In this sense, the tallest houses in a neighborhood have the highest probability of getting lightning strikes. Yet, nearby trees, telephone poles, or other tall objects usually take these impacts.
  • Home Size: a building covering a large area in the ground is also a good candidate to receive a lightning strike. Hence, your home is more likely to receive one of these impacts if it has large square footage.
  • Geography: The weather in your living area is an important factor to influence the likelihood of lightning strikes. Then, if your home is in a zone where storms are frequent, the risk of it suffering a bolt of lightning is higher.
  • Topography: Similarly, houses placed in higher elevations concerning others located near the sea level will have more chances of being struck.

Protect Your Home from Lightning with a Metal Roof

We must conclude that metal roofs are much safer than other roofing materials during storms. In this sense, roofing materials do not influence the probability of receiving lightning strikes.

Do you want more information about metal roofing? You can always contact the Kreunen Construction experts. Our qualified staff is widely experienced in inspecting, repairing, and installing any style of metal roof.

You can visit us online or schedule a roof inspection by calling Kreunen at 901-763-8506 for all your roofing needs in Olive Branch, MS, or Memphis, TN!

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