Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems are increasingly becoming the most sought-after roofing options for homeowners in the Memphis, TN area, and for all the right reasons. They’re aesthetically appealing, provide unmatched protection against harsh weather elements, and have exceptional durability and longevity.

Considering the unsurpassed strength of highly durable metals like steel and aluminum, metal roofing systems, with some basic maintenance, can last a lifetime. So, if you don’t want to undertake a roof replacement project ever again in your life, opt for a reliable and long-lasting metal roof with the help of trusted Memphis metal roofing contractors like Kreunen Construction.

Serving the residents and businesses in Olive Branch, MS, and Memphis, Tennessee areas, we have been installing, repairing, and maintaining almost all types of metal roofing systems for almost four decades. What makes us stand out from ordinary Memphis roofing companies is that all our roofers are fully trained and vastly experienced company employees. On the contrary, most other roofing companies hire subcontractors for various roofing tasks that can never deliver any satisfactory results.

At Kreunen Construction, we have our own highly skilled roofing crew that specializes in just installing metal roofing systems. We have our own cutting-edge machinery that we use to design custom shape components so that our metal roofs will fit your specific needs perfectly.

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Metal Roofing Systems: Advantages of Choosing a Metal Roof for Your Home

When you opt for Kreunen Construction for your metal roofing project, our experienced roofing technicians will design and install metal roofing systems from scratch. Our metal roofing solutions are designed to deliver all the amazing benefits of these roofs to you at a reasonable price. So, you can expect your new roof to be:

  • Visually Stunning – Available in an array of colors, styles, and textures, our metal roofs can blend seamlessly with your exteriors with matching colors or you can make a bold statement by choosing contrasting colors. At Kreunen Construction, you can choose from a wide range of metal roofing options including vertical panels and metal shingles, resembling wood, tile, or slate. All these options are highly resistant to fading, chalking, and rusting.
  • Unsurpassed Durability – if you’re living in an area that’s susceptible to hurricanes, strong winds, and storms, then investing in  metal roofing systems can be a great option for you. All our metal roofing systems undergo stringent durability tests to check their ability to withstand wind speed of up to 150 miles per hour. Additionally, since our metal roofing systems are resistant to fires, it may help you qualify for lower insurance premiums.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free – Since metal roofs are among the strongest and the most durable roofs available anywhere, they require minimal maintenance during their lifespan. This can help you make significant savings in the long run.
  • Unrivalled Energy Efficiency – Unlike asphalt tiles that absorb the Sun’s heat and light, the reflective properties of metals are amazingly effective in reflecting heat away from your roof. Moreover, metal roofs come with inbuilt ventilation system that will keep your attic and home cool and comfortable all year round. This, in turn, will reduce the burden on your HVAC system while significantly lowering your electricity expenses.

Moreover, a high-quality metal roof from Roof Crafters will:

  • Enhance the Overall Value of Your Home: if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, having a high quality metal roof will certainly help you attract more buyers. This can be attributed to the fact most people these days know that metal roofs are nearly maintenance-free and homeowners don’t have to replace them during their lifetime.
  • Have Exceptional Longevity: Metal roofs have an incredibly long lifespan. With minimal maintenance, they can last over 50 years. If you choose metal roofing specialists like Kreunen Construction, you can rest assured that your roof will last a lifetime.

Metal Roofing Systems: Sought-after Metal Roofing Options for Homeowners in Memphis

At Kreunen Construction, we specialize in installing several types of metal roofs for homeowners in and around the Memphis, TN areas. Let’s take a look:

Vertical Seam Panels

Popularly called standing seam panels, vertical seam panels extend from the ridge of the metal roof to all the down to roof’s eaves. You can clearly notice vertical lines on the edges. Vertical seam or standing seam panels can be attached with exposed or concealed fasteners to achieve the desired look.

Metal Shingles and Tiles

If you like the exceptional durability and reliability of metal roofs but want the same classic appearance of tile or shingle roofs, Roof Crafters offers plenty of options to fit your needs precisely. Our state-of-the-art metal shingles can be made to imitate the exact look of wood shake or asphalt shingles for a traditional and rustic look. On the other hand, if you want the classic Mediterranean appearance, go for our metal barrel tiles.

Moreover, our experts here at Roof Crafters specialize in installing StealthBond® Metal Roofing systems. These cutting-edge systems have an extra-strength adhesive in place of fasteners. This is very effective in reducing or even eliminating the chances of roof leaks and helps in attaining a clean, modern, and uniform look.

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