Roof Repairs

When it comes to a damaged roof, the first thing homeowners think of is: should I repair that leaks or replace the roof? The answer to this fundamental question will come from a professional roofer inspection. Next, you’ll see the steps you should follow to find the correct answer.


Ceiling Stain

Leaky roofs are not a strange thing in Memphis and Mississippi’s Northern areas. These zones constantly receive the hits of strong storms and winds. Thus, local homeowners tend to fall into a panic when they detect leaks in their roofs. They know that a little roof leak may become a major problem if it is not timely and properly managed.

Questions like these arise:

How much damage my roof can have?

Will, it put at risk my roofing system and insulation?

What kind of future damage this roof leak may cause?

And not less important; how much a repairing or roofing replacement could cost?

At Kreunen Construction, we have a principle. Every roof leak is potentially harmful to your roof, so it is important to repair it promptly.

However, some homeowners skip roofing maintenance and leak repairs only to find out during the next rain that they have a roof leak. So, carrying out periodic checks on your roof will mean a lot of money saved in the future.

Moreover, temperature changes, strong winds, rain, and the summer sun have harmful effects on roofs. These elements are the causes of roofing materials wear. Therefore, if you have a damaged roof, you should fix it right away.

In most cases, roof leaks are the reason for water or moisture stains spreading through ceilings or walls. Before long, small leaks lead to big problems such as rotten molds, frames and siding, and damaged insulation. Thus, if you pay attention to roof leaks timely, you will avoid future expensive repairs.

Following, we’ll point out a pair of factors that make houses more prone to have roof leaks:

  • The chimney in your roof: homes with fireplaces tend to present more roof leaks. Water can seep through the chimney. Besides, the external structure of these tends to retain water, later causing leaks. So, you should ask a professional roofer to inspect your roof periodically.
  • Your house’s attic: a not adequately ventilated attic will produce roof leaks. This is an area where water can freeze. Later, when the attic gets warm enough it will cause meltwater to form and pool all over the roof. Then, if your roof is leaking, maybe your attic has been leaking for some time.

At Kreunen Construction, we know the importance of a roofing system in good conditions for your family. That’s why we focus on you to have cleared what is the situation of your roof and help you on how to repair the leaks. 

Next, we’ll show you the previous steps we follow before starting your roofing repair.

See How We Do It

First Step: Setting an Appointment

The road to repair those leaks in your roof starts when you call a Kreunen Construction rep. Our professionals will explain to you the roof repair procedure. You can set an appointment for inspecting your roof. 

Once our team rep arrives at your home, he will introduce himself and show you his business card

Roof repair

Meet Your Rep

Kreunen Construction always thinks about your security. In this sense, we let you know the identity of the rep that will go to your home. We’ll send to you a picture of this person along with his bio. Even we’ll send you a video where he shows you why he will be glad to work for you.


Meeting The Homeowner

Second Step: Gathering Information

Next, our representative will need to gather some information related to your roofing system. He will ask you about your roof’s age, where the roof leaks you detected are, leaks repaired previously, and so forth.

Also, he will need to get inside your house to look for possible ceiling stains that you have no detected. The external side of your house will be evaluated too. He will look for other roof-related problems that can be seen from the ground.

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Poorly Done Roof Repair

As we explain to you before, many times chimneys are the cause of roof leaks. An incorrect repair made using cheap materials will lead to spending more money later. This picture shows how low-quality work in a chimney can affect your roof. 


Mold On The Roof Sheathing

Third Step: We’ll Check Your Attic and Get on Your Roof

Now, your field rep will ask you for access to your attic. He will inspect it seeking leaks, moisture, and any sign of current roof decking damage. Also, it is important to check past water damages needing repair from roof leaks.


Professional Roof Inspection

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A complete roofing inspection cannot end without getting on your roof. In this step, your field rep will go up to your house’s roof to examine it closely. He will put every issue your roof can have on a list and detect why the water is getting into your house. Later, your Kreunen Construction rep will explain to you every problem he found in your roofing system.


Explaining The Problem

Then, your rep will give you his recommendations and will tell you the price of the repair. You can talk with your Kreunen construction representative about your options. He will guide you to make the most convenient decision for you between repairing and replacing your roof.

This decision depends on the magnitude of the roofing damage and your possibilities. Other elements to consider are your roof’s projected useful life and if the roof damage requires an insurance claim.


Kreunen Construction Roof In A Bag

We evaluate every roofing system, as it was our home’s roof. Besides, we want you to know each issue we find after inspecting your roof. That’s why your Kreunen Construction professional will collect samples of the existing problems to show you your roof’s conditions.

Take The Next Step

Likewise, your roofing professional will show you samples of the high-quality roofing materials we use for roofing repairing.


Explaining The Repair

It only lacks to sign a repairing contract to complete the process. Are you agreeing with the price and the repair our team will perform? Then, you can schedule a starting date for the works with your Kreunen Construction rep.

In most cases, our team will complete the repairs within 72 hours. Yet, if there is an active leak worrying you, we’ll do everything we’ll prioritize it within the roof repair‘s schedule. The Kreunen Construction team knows that your home is your family’s refuge. Therefore, our aim is primarily to comfort you and then offer you security through our roofing repairing service.

Besides repairing your roofing system using good materials, Kreunen Construction will let you know every step we follow to do the job. So, after a Kreunen Construction roof repair, we’ll provide you pictures of how we performed the repairs.

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