Roof Repairs

When it comes to a damaged roof, the first thing homeowners consider is whether they should repair the leaks or replace the roof. A professional roofer inspection will provide the answer to this fundamental question. Following that, you will see the steps to find the correct answer.

Roof leaks are common in the northern areas of Memphis and Mississippi. Strong storms and winds constantly hit these areas. Thus, when local homeowners discover leaks in their roofs, they often panic. They know that a minor roof leak can escalate into a grave issue if not addressed promptly.

So, questions such as these arise:

  • How much damage can my roof sustain?
  • Will it endanger my roofing and insulation?
  • What kind of long-term damage could this roof leak cause?
  • Not to mention how much repairing or replacing a roof might cost.

We follow a principle at Kreunen Construction. Every leak has the potential to harm your roof. Thus, it is critical to repair it as soon as possible.

Yet, some homeowners neglect roofing maintenance and leak repairs, only to discover a roof leak during the next rainstorm. So, performing periodic roof inspections will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Besides, temperature changes, strong winds, rain, and the sun are damaging to roofs. These factors contribute to the deterioration of roofing materials

Roof leaks are the most common cause of water stains spreading through ceilings or walls. Small leaks become significant problems. For example, you can have rotten molds, frames and siding, and damaged insulation. 

But, if you address roof leaks promptly, you will avoid future costly repairs.

Now, we will discuss two factors that make houses more prone to roof leaks.

Meeting The Homeowner
Poorly Done Roof Repair
Mold On The Roof Sheathing
Professional Roof Inspection

Common Factors that Cause Roof Leaks

  1. Your roof’s chimney: homes with fireplaces have a higher rate of roof leaks. Water can get into the chimney. Moreover, their external structure tends to retain water, which leads to leaks. Thus, hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof regularly.
  2. Your home’s attic: a poorly ventilated attic will cause roof leaks. Water can freeze in this place. When the attic temperature rises sufficiently, meltwater pools all over the roof. Is your roof leaking? Possibly it has been leaking for some time.

At Kreunen Construction, we know how crucial keeping your roofing system in good condition is. That is why we focus on determining your roof’s state and tell you how to repair the leaks.

After that, we will walk you through the steps we take before beginning your roofing repair.

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  • First Step: Schedule an Appointment

    The road to repairing your roof leaks begins when you call a Kreunen Construction representative. Our experts will walk you through the repair process. You can schedule an inspection of your roof today!

    When our team representative arrives at your house, he will introduce himself and hand you his business card.

    Kreunen Construction is always concerned with your safety. In this regard, we inform you of the identity of the representative who will visit your home. We will send you a photo of this person and his bio. We will even send you a video explaining why he would love to work for you.

    See How We Do It
    • Second Step: Meeting the homeowner

    Our representative will need to gather some information about your roofing system. He will inquire about your roof’s age, the location of any discovered roof leaks, previous leak repairs, and so on.

    Also, he will need to enter your home to look for any ceiling stains you may have missed. Our representative will also check your home’s exterior. He will look for any other roof-related issues visible from the ground.

    As we said before, chimneys frequently are the source of roof leaks. A poor repair made with cheap materials will cost you more money in the long run. 

    Explaining The Problem
    Kreunen Construction Roof In A Bag
    • Third Step: We inspect your attic and get on your roof

    Your field representative will now request access to your attic. He will look for leaks, moisture, and any signs of recent roof decking damage. Additionally, he must investigate past water damage from roof leaks.

    A thorough roofing inspection cannot conclude without climbing onto your roof. 

    In this step, your field representative will climb to your home’s roof and inspect it. He will list any problems with your roof and determine why water is getting into your home. Later, your Kreunen Construction representative will discuss with you every discovered roofing issue.

    Then, your representative will give you his recommendations and the repair cost. You can discuss your options with your Kreunen construction representative. He will tell you the most cost-effective option for repairing or replacing your roof.

    This decision depends on the roofing damage extent and your options. Other factors include your roof’s projected useful life and whether the damage requires an insurance claim.

    Explaining The Repair

    Choose the Best Contractor for Your Roof Restoration

    We inspect every roofing system as if it were our roof. Besides, we want you to be aware of any issues we discover. Hence, your Kreunen Construction professional will collect samples of the problems to reveal your roof condition.

    Similarly, your roofing professional will show you samples of the high-quality roofing materials we use for roof repair.

    It only needs to sign a repair contract to finish the process. Do you agree with the price and the repair that our team will carry out? Then, you can set a start date for the work with your Kreunen Construction representative.

    Usually, our team will complete the repairs within 72 hours. Yet, if you are concerned about an active leak, we will repair it first within the roof repair schedule. The Kreunen Construction team understands that your home is a haven for your family. So, our primary goal is to provide you with comfort and security through our roofing repair service.

    We repair not only your roof using high-quality materials. Besides, Kreunen Construction will walk you through each step of the process. Finally, after a Kreunen Construction roof repair, we will show you pictures of how we did it.

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