How to choose a roofing contractor

Your roof does a great job at protecting you from the elements, but sometimes it can use a helping hand from roofing contractors. Since you don’t always see the signs of a future roof problem, don’t wait for leaks before you get roofing contractors to assess your roof’s health. 

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What Does Roofing Services Do For You?

Kreunen Construction examines many aspects of your roof to determine whether you need a replacement or repair. For instance, over time, the UV rays from the sun can break down your shingles. Water can also make its way through the broken shingles and cause rot. If it gets in between your walls, you deal with mold and mildew. In addition, the roof structure can get damaged by high wind, hail, algae, tree branches and other natural causes. Just a few reasons Mid South roofing contractors are valuable for inspections.

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WIth Kreunen Construction, you will first get a thorough roof inspection from the contractor. They can tell you whether you need shingle replacement, roof structure repair or changes to your flashings. Since your roof also needs a reliable way to move water away from it, gutter cleaning typically gets scheduled alongside the inspection. If tree branches or leaves pile up on the roof, the contractor also removes these before they cause long-lasting damage. Professional roofing maintenance and repair services in the Mid South and northern Mississippi can help you avoid large-scale roof replacement before your shingles reach the end of their usable life.

What to Look For in Mid South, TN, Roofing Service

There are many Mid South and northern Mississippi roofing contractors. However, you should choose carefully, since a subpar roof repair can put your entire home at risk if water gets in. By the time you realize there’s a problem, you’ll have cracked walls, water on your electrical system and wood rot destroying your house. Here are a few ways to tell a quality roofing service from less-skilled contractors.

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Industry Certification 

The roofing industry uses certifications to recognize contractors who meet a strict set of standards established by suppliers or organizations. Certified contractor companies show they go the extra mile to learn about roofing tools and roofing materials. This knowledge shows through in long-lasting material selection and high-quality workmanship. 


Pay attention to every company interaction before the contractor does any work on your home. You need a detail-oriented roofing service to catch the small problems that could lead to major roof failure. Examining their professionalism in other aspects of their business will show you potential red flags. For example, do they have a website that looks good and helps you get in touch with the company? When you call, are you greeted promptly and courteously? 

Customer Education 

Roofing 101 isn’t covered in school. You don’t know what dangers your roof faces or how often you need an inspection. The roofing contractor, on the other hand, specializes in this knowledge. Look for customer education information on their website. The top roofing contractors in the Mid South region will help you understand what they’re going to do with your roof and why. 

Excellent Reputation 

Reach out to your neighbors, friends, family, and other local sources to find out whether your selected roofing contractor has a good reputation. Your roof is too important to trust with someone who can’t get the job done on time or uses the cheapest materials that fail a year later. 
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