Does Replacing Windows and Roof Increase Your Home’s Value?

By: Chuck Magee | February 2021 @ 11:26 am

Buying a new Memphis home requires a significant investment. This may be the reason why most homeowners are not ready to spend money on expensive, large scale remodeling projects right after spending a fortune on purchasing their home. 

They might make small home improvements post-purchase to enhance the personality and value of their home without breaking a bank. However, if you’re in the market to sell your house, how do you determine what type of pre-sale renovations will deliver you the best ROI?

Always remember that you have to showcase your property to prospective buyers in the best way possible while maximizing your profit at the same time. 

Does Replacing Windows and Roof Increase Your Home’s Value?

Let’s take a look at some of the renovation tips from the experts at Kreunen construction – the leading roofing and renovation experts in the area – to know what to replace or renovate for the best return. 

The Most Important Things to Replacing or Renovate Before Selling A House 

Probably, the best way to determine what’s worth renovating or replacing before listing your home for sale is to get into the shoes of the buyers and think from their perspective. Think about the upgrades they want to do right after purchasing your property. 

Additionally, if you have an older property that hasn’t been upgraded for a long time, replacing prominent things before the inspection can help you detect and fix potential issues that could affect your home’s value. Let’s take a look:

1. Window Replacement

Replacing your old windows is an affordable way to increase the value of your home before listing it. If your windows are in bad shape, it might result in citations during the inspection. Moreover, no potential buyer would ever want to invest in a home knowing that they will have to immediately replace their windows after the purchase. 

New windows can help new owners make significant savings down the road. Newer and more advanced windows are highly energy-efficient and they may help you get the best price for your home. Considering the amount of money prospective buyers will save on their gas and electricity bills, most of them won’t hesitate to pay even higher than the market rate. 

With an ROI of more than 80% and benefits like enhanced curb appeal, increased energy efficiency, and home value, installing new windows is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers alike. 

2. Siding replacement

If the siding of your home is warping, bending, or just falling off, it may not make a good first impression on the buyers about the overall condition of your home. This, in turn, could prevent many prospective buyers from even checking out your property, forget about buying it. 

Your home’s overall curb appeal and its psychological impact on the buyers are some of the reasons why homeowners invest in quality siding before selling their home. 

Easy-to-maintain options like vinyl sidings are quite affordable and deliver a great return on investment. And the new homeowners will be happy knowing that they won’t have to undertake an extensive siding renovation project for many years to come. 

3. Install a New Roof

As already mentioned, your home’s curb appeal plays an important role in attracting buyers to your property. Probably, the biggest component of an inviting and solid curb appeal is your roof. Experts say that roofs contribute as much as 40% to your home’s overall appeal. 

This means, if you have any loose or missing shingles, discoloration or black streaks on your roof, you may find it hard to convince prospective buyers to buy your home. Moreover, when your roof is in poor condition, it indicates that there might be serious problems in other parts of your home as well. 

A new roof can take the burden off the potential buyers of investing in a new roof and it can also take care of all the problems that a damaged roof might have created in other parts of your home. This can dramatically increase the chances of selling your home quickly and at the best price. 

Get In Touch With the Leading Renovation Experts 

Kreunen Construction can make your home market-ready faster and at a more affordable price than you think. Whether you’re planning to replace your windows, siding, or roofing, Kreunen is one of the most trusted specialists you can count on for any pre-sale renovation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 901-763-8506 to schedule a free consultation or to get a free no-obligation estimate today. 

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