Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN

A new roof is not a difficult task for any roofing contractor. But, to install flawless, long-lasting, and high-performance roofing systems, you must consider some factors. Hiring a professional contractor is crucial for your asphalt roof replacement in Memphis.

So, our roof installation services are well-known throughout the region. We provide functional, long-lasting, and cost-effective roofing solutions.

We understand the entire roof installation process from concept to completion. Thus, we ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team keeps our clients up to date on their project’s progress as roof installation and replacement experts. 

With over a decade of experience, we are always open and honest about what homeowners should install and why. Our reputation is based on honesty, integrity, and efficiency.

Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis, Tennessee: The Kreunen Method

Our Roof Installation Process

You must remember two critical things during your roof installation project. First, invest in the roofing material for your needs. Second, hire the most experienced professionals you can find for perfect insulation.

Your new roof installation will begin once your roofing material manufacturer delivers it. One of our representatives will inspect the material and ensure you receive the correct one in the right quantity. 

Here, we will show you Kreunen Construction’s process to give you a robust, efficient new roof.

1. Completely Removing Old Felt

Removing your old roofing felt is one of the crucial tasks in any roof installation project. Sometimes, our crew can complete this process in a matter of days. In others, it can take an entire day or more.

The time to remove your old roof varies depending on factors such as the pitch and size of your roof. Besides, we must consider the number of roofing layers we will have to remove. 

We do not recommend that our clients opt for a roof-over. Roof-over involves the installation of a new shingle layer over your existing roof. This can lead to several future problems.

Many nonprofessional roofers in some areas use this practice. Yet, the manufacturers have strict guidelines against re-roofing or roof-over. You may risk voiding your roofing warranty.

At Kreunen Construction, we do not accept roof-overs. Our professionals cannot inspect the roofing deck in this condition because the old felt is intact.

But, with a complete roof replacement, we can inspect your roof for rotting wood and other issues. Hence, we can replace it with the most appropriate and long-lasting options.

Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN

2. Drip Edge Installation

We install a drip edge, also known as eave flashing, to protect your home and the fascia board from water damage. In the lack of a drip edge, you may encounter roofing problems such as water infiltration and fascia board rot.

3. Roofing Felt (Synthetic) Replacement

Our crew installs the roofing felt above the drip edge on the eve. We do so according to the most trusted shingle manufacturers’ requirements, such as Owens Corning. Yet, place it below the drip edge at the rakes. Traditional asphalt felt is far weaker and less water-resistant than synthetic felt.

After installing the felt and drip edge, it is necessary to install water and snow barriers at all vulnerable areas of your roof. These areas include roof valleys, chimneys, and penetration points like wind turbines. Do you want the best product to protect your roof from water damage? The WeatherLcock is a good choice.

Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN
Owens Corning Pro Armor

4. Shingle Installation

The most critical step is the installation of your roofing shingles. The best way to install high-quality lifetime shingles is in a course. No experienced roofer will ever rack up lifetime shingles.

Each shingle requires at least six nails for proper installation. Otherwise, the shingles will not adhere firmly to your roof deck. Yet, the number of nails depends on the wind load area and the type and quality of your shingles. 

Manufacturer warranties back our roof installation services and products at Kreunen Construction.

5. Ventilation

Many people overlook roof ventilation in many roof installation projects. Nothing worse than spending a fortune on a new roof to have your shingles cooked and worn out because of poor ventilation.

Kreunen Construction installs high-quality ridge vents to ensure proper ventilation. Our ridge vents operate correctly all year. Besides, they are resistant to wind-driven rain of up to 100 mph.

Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN
12″ Owens Corning Ridge Vent

How to Prepare for a New Roof Installation

Reduce the disruption to your daily routine by considering some tips. So, with the following pre-roof installation checklist, our experts ensure your project’s success. Also, they will tell you what to expect from your roof installation project.

1. Keep Your Pets Away 

Check with your roofing contractor if you can keep your pets at home. Cats and Dogs can cause trouble and even injury in any home where a roof installation is underway. Also, pets may hamper your roofers. Thus, everyone should keep them away from the installation site.

2. Make Sure To Protect Your Home 

Do not forget to cover large items in your garden, including planters and statues. These items are vulnerable to damage during storms. So remove any pictures or decorative items from your exterior walls and interior shelves. Many roof installation and repair jobs generate strong vibrations, which can cause fragile items to fall and break.

 3. Ensure Easy Access to the Roof

Your contractor’s workers need to access your home. Thus, keep some gates open to them. Also, you can instruct them to keep the gates closed while working. This point is critical for the safety of your children and pets. Thus, discuss it with your contractor before your project begins.

4. Special Requirements

If you have specific requirements, notify your project manager. These requests could include the location of septic tanks, protecting swimming pool pumps, and others.

5. Remove Valuable items From Your Attic and Cover the Rest

Before installing a new roof, it is a good practice to remove the decking of the old roof. During this procedure, our experts safely and quickly remove the old felt. Still, it can cause a lot of mess in the attic. So, ensure to remove any valuables from your attic. If you cannot remove them, cover them to protect them from debris.

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