Roofing Tennessee Metal Roof Coating System

A roof leak can cause extensive roof and interior damage. Such a problem may need significant repairs and even roof replacements. But, fixing your roofing system may not be so extensive or expensive with a flat or low-slope metal roof. 

A modern Roofing Tennessee roof coating system by Conklin Roofing Systems is the ideal repair solution. This option is far more affordable than a new roofing project. Besides, it will last for a long time.

Roofing Tennessee Metal Roof Coating Systems

Tennessee Rely On High-Performance Roofing Systems

The metal roof coating system Tennessee, by Conklin MR, stops roof leaks and prevents rust. Likewise, it provides an energy-efficient, attractive finish for your low slope and metal roof. 

This long-lasting roof restoration solution extends the life of your flat or low-slope roof. Its superior waterproofing prevents further leaks. Besides, it protects your home or business roof from wind and hail. 

The Conklin MR system’s reflective surface also increases your home’s energy efficiency and value. Also, this system lowers utility costs. Its E rating and durability make it an excellent choice for your commercial or residential roofs. This roofing system ’s dependable performance will offer unrivaled value for decades.

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Roofing Tennessee Metal Roof Coating Systems

Roofing Tennessee Metal Roof Coating System: Give New Life to Your Old Roof

Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System is another option. It waterproofs your metal roof with a seamless acrylic coating that contains a tough, flexible fabric. Thus, a lightweight yet tough membrane offers protection against cracks, splitting, and rupturing. 

The Fabric-Reinforced System protects and strengthens your roof where it is most vulnerable. Likewise, it is simple to apply and keep your commercial building cooler during the summer. Summers in Memphis, Olive Branch, and Southaven are hot, so this roofing product makes perfect sense.

Hail-Resistant Roofs Reduce Energy Costs

A roofing Tennessee metal roofing system for metal and low slope roofing systems not only repairs and protects your roof. Additionally, you will lower your A/C electricity needs and reduce future repair costs. 

These properties and the hail resistant rugged materials can help you meet the local “cool roof” regulations. Many building codes from Memphis to Germantown to Northern Mississippi include these requirements. Besides, this metal roofing system allows us to get energy rebates from utility companies.

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Restore Your Roof Don’t Replace It

Do you need a roof repair solution for your low-slope, flat, or metal roof? 

Conklin’s MR or Fabric-Reinforced roofing systems provide quality restoration and high-grade roof insulation. So, they offer superior protection from the Northern Mississippi’s severe weather. 

Kreunen Construction is a licensed installer of these high-quality roof coating systems. Conklin Company Inc. has trained and certified our team of professionals to install your Conklin roof coating. Hence, we can provide you with a full roofing system warranty. 

With this fantastic product, we help roofing clients from Memphis to Collierville and Northern Mississippi. Contact Kreunen Construction to learn more about the Conklin roof coating systems. Besides, we offer other ways to repair and protect your roof. You may not need to replace it, consider restoring it!

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