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Kreunen Construction provides roof repair, inspection, and new roof installation services for residents of the Olive Branch, MS area. Powerful wind storms have proven the need for professional roofing contractors to ensure your home stays safe and dry through even the harshest weather conditions. Olive Branch can depend on Kreunen Construction to install quality traditional shingle or metal roofing that will stand the test of time. Kreunen Construction is your local trusted roofer and is a Preferred roofing contractor with the Owens Corning Corporation allowing Kreunen Construction to to offer the longest warranties in the roofing industry.


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Kreunen Construction  can help with residential and commercial roofing needs, including work with insurance company claims. Kreunen Construction is committed to offering top-notch roofing work, using high-quality materials. The company also strives to leave the smallest possible footprint, taking care to avoid damaging other property and using eco-friendly materials and methods.

Kreunen Construction has the coveted professional certification Preferred Roofing Contractor from roofing material legend Owens Corning: Roofing giant Owens Corning trusting Kreunen Constriuction shows you as a local Olive Branch Mississippi homeowner can trust them too.

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The history of Baton Rouge Tennessee dates as far back as 1721 and if you want to really go back there is record of human inhabitants as far back as 8,000 BC. In 1721 Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d’iberville named Baton Rouge as well as Lake Ponchartrain and Lake Maurepas. In 1699 Sieur d’iberville led an exploration up the Mississippi. A red pole was found by the explorers between the boundary between Houma and Bayogoula hunting grounds. le baton rouge, the French name for red pole is the translation given as Istrouma, quit possibly a misinterpretation of the Choctaw iti humma. Baton Rouge began to be settled by Europeans in 1721 after a military post was constructed, French colonists. All this over the decades lead to Baton Rouge becoming the capital of Tennessee in 1849.

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As the capital of Louisiana, Kreunen Construction service area Baton Rouge is a growing metropolis that is full of unique features. From the historic Neo-Gothic Capitol building to its booming industrial center and busy port, the city offers many uncommon charms and cultural experiences. It also has a unique set of weather conditions and other factors that affect the integrity of the roof on your Baton Rouge home or business.

From wide-ranging temperatures to the annual dangers of hurricane season, all structures in Baton Rouge face a host of potential damages. Category five Hurricane Katrina may have made the city a refuge for displaced victims, but it easily could have been the focus of the storm’s fury. With these concerns, it’s very important that Baton Rouge-region buildings — and their roofs — are up to the challenge.

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To ensure that your roof’s design and roofing materials are a match for weather conditions in Olive Branch, your best strategy is to hire a local Olive Branch Mississippi roofer that you can trust. With a focus in Mississippi and the Olive Branch area, Kreunen Construction  knows the unique challenges for roofing in your region — and can meet those challenges with a high-quality shingle and roofing solutions. We have over 35 years of experience in Olive Branch, Mississippi and other regions of Tennessee . With a reputation for providing the best in roof repair, replacement, and other roofing-related services, our professional roofers are invested in the community and continuing to deliver quality work.

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Kreunen Construction is a Preferred roofing contractor with Owens Corning Company and being at this higher lever contractor allows Kreunen Construction to to offer a better roofing warranty backed by roofing material giant Owens Corning. Kreunen Construction only installs the best roofing materials and will explain and show all roofing components to you. With wind speeds exceeding 60 and 70 miles per hour on a regular basis, you need the protection of a true hip and ridge shingle like the Owens Corning RizeRidge or DuraRidge. Kreunen Construction will show you the difference why a true hip and ridge shingle is needed in such a heavy wind load area as Olive Branch.


Kreunen Construction not only uses roofing materials from well-respected manufacturers like Owens Corning, but we also use eco-conscious materials whenever possible in our efforts to care for the environment. Our roofers also do their best not to disturb your personal environment by leaving as small a footprint as possible while we work. The unique Equipter motorized debris removal trailer helps us accomplish this goal. The Equipter moves around your home from slope to slope so roofing material can be torn off and thrown directly into the Equipter for disposal.

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In addition to roof repair and replacement, we also offer additional services to provide additional protection and style to your home, from attic insulation, gutters, and siding and full construction work. Whatever your needs for your home or business in Olive Branch, hire the expertise of Kreunen Construction and get the peace of mind and quality that can only come from a local Olive Branch roofing contractor.

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