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Can I Install a Metal Roof Over My Old Shingles

Chuck Magee | March 2021 | 3:07 pm

Can I install a metal roof over my old shingles? Kreunen Construction of Olive Branch, MS answers these questions. Metal roofs provide a series of extraordinary benefits over asphalt shingles roofing. Some years ago, they were an innovation. Now, thanks to their durability and energy efficiency, they have become an extended roofing option across the […] → Continue Reading

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

Chuck Magee | February 2021 | 4:29 pm

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning? This is a major question many Memphis, TN homeowners would like answered before they buy a new metal roof. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, many homeowners are thinking about changing their roofing systems for this efficient and secure alternative. However, homeowners ask themselves this question: Does […] → Continue Reading

Does Replacing Windows and Roof Increase Your Home’s Value?

Chuck Magee | February 2021 | 11:26 am

Buying a new Memphis home requires a significant investment. This may be the reason why most homeowners are not ready to spend money on expensive, large scale remodeling projects right after spending a fortune on purchasing their home.  They might make small home improvements post-purchase to enhance the personality and value of their home without […] → Continue Reading

Common Roofing Questions After New Roof

Chuck Magee | August 2018 | 2:35 pm

Common roofing questions after new roof installation, answering these questions can give you peace of mind that your new roof was installed correctly. Proper roof installation is what makes your new roof look better, last longer and stand out from others in your neighborhood. Elements that go into your new roof being installed properly include: Starting […] → Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Installing a New Metal Roof

Chuck Magee | July 2018 | 9:04 am

5 benefits of installing a new metal roof in the Memphis and Germantown Tennessee markets needs to include the harsh weather. If you are looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient, without sacrificing style, then a new metal roof could be the right choice for you. Whether you need to replace […] → Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Chuck Magee | March 2018 | 1:31 pm

Whether you’re replacing or repairing your roof, choosing the right roofing contractor to get the job done the right way from the beginning is important. But how do you go about selecting the best roofing contractor for the job? Here are some essential tips to help you pick the ideal roofing contractor for your home […] → Continue Reading

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