What are the Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows?

By: Heather Coker | June 2021 @ 6:48 am

What are the Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows? There is a very common misconception found among people that single and double-hung windows are the same as single and double pane windows. The single and double pane in the windows refers to the layers of glass used in each sash of a window. 

A single pane window has only one layer of glass in each sash; however, the double-pane windows consist of two layers of glass with an additional layer of gas in-between to add insulation.

Moreover, the double-hung windows describe how each sash moves. In single-hung windows, only the bottom sash can move up and down. In Double hung windows, there is a design built for each sash and both the upper and lower sash will move up and down and even tilt in and out.

What are the Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows?

Single Hung Windows

If you are looking for windows in the market, you must go through the single hung windows. Single-hung windows have a long history and they are a standard window type that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Pros of Single Hung Windows

  1. Inexpensive

They have a simple design and this is why they are also very cheaper than the double-hung windows. Those homeowners who are thinking of buying a number of windows at a single time would always go for the single hung windows because of its cost advantage.

  1. Fit to Look

Mostly the old homes were designed in such a way that single hung windows were used in them and there is space present for these windows. Even if you think of changing the type of the windows, you would have to change the space of the windows. This is why you can buy the new single hung windows which would look fit on your house.

Cons of Single Hung Windows

  • Less Energy Efficient

Single Hung windows do not offer the same level of sealing as double-hung windows, and they are also not very energy-efficient. You might be able to save some cost at the start when you buy these windows. But in the longer, you will have to pay that price.

  • Limited Mobility

If we compare these windows with the double-hung, the single-hung windows lose out when in terms of mobility. Since only the bottom sash opens on single-hung windows, it becomes impossible to clean the windows from the outside/

  • Less Ventilation

In single-hung windows, only the bottom sash opens up and they are also not as effective as double hung when it comes to ventilation. If you are thinking of using single hung windows in the bathroom, then this is not the right choice.

Double Hung Windows

Over the past, few years, double-hung windows have grown in popularity and they are taking over the market of single-hung windows. 

Pros of Double-hung windows

Energy Efficient

Double-hung windows are energy efficient because of the top-notch sealing that they offer it. Usually, most of the double-hung windows are also doubled-paned, and it has an added layers of insulation which will keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer.

Better Mobility

The double-hung windows offer better mobility as both the top and bottom sashes can independently move up and down and tilt in and out. This helps in cleaning of windows and they also allow you to open the top sash which offers greater safety.

Better Ventilation

The double-hung windows offer better ventilation as both the sashes can open at the same time. This gives the air a chance to come and go with better speed and helps in keeping the moisture out of the air.

Cons of Double-hung windows


The double-hung windows have a high initial cost. They are quite high in price when compared to the single-hung windows. Moreover, the double-hung windows can save the extra cost in the future such as the electricity bills prices.

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